Losslessly compress images across entire server or multiple websites with ease

Ok so you want to make your website load faster, or maybe free up some disk space? You don't want to sacrifice image quality or waste to much time messing around to do it./ maybe you have 500 websites to do at once? Lets take care to preserver the file permissions too!

For JPEG let use mozcjpeg from Mozilla https://github.com/mozilla/mozjpeg

once installed follow this example, it will go through all folders and subfolders and in-place compress every jpeg losslessly! Of course you can even change the parameters to do some lossy compresion too but here we don't want to sacrifice quality

find /your/folders -type f -iname '*.jpg' -exec sh -c 'nice -n 19 ionice -c2 -n7 mozcjpeg -outfile "{}.out" -optimize "{}"; echo doing "{}";chmod --reference "{}" "{}.out"; chown --reference "{}" "{}.out"; touch -r "{}" "{}.out" ;mv "{}.out" "{}" ' \;

For PNG, use similar via pngcrush

find /your/folders -type f -iname '*.png' -exec sh -c 'nice -n 19 ionice -c2 -n7 pngcrush -q -brute "{}" "{}.out"; echo doing "{}";chmod --reference "{}" "{}.out"; chown --reference "{}" "{}.out"; touch -r "{}" "{}.out" ; mv "{}.out" "{}" ' \;

IT Support Contracts

Support contracts to cover all your IT and Telecoms with UK wide free call-out. Our friendly support staff provide on-site, telephone, email and remote support for workstations, servers and phone systems. We offer full Linux support as well as Apple and Microsoft.


Linux Business Servers

Linux servers to suit every requirement from drop-in Microsoft replacements to advanced firewalls, high availability, thin client servers and virtualisation. Our SME Business Server product provides your business with an IT solution taking care of networking, security, storage, email, backup, remote access and much more.


Distro Support Includes

  • Elastix / Issabel / FreePBX
  • RedHat / CentOS / Scientific
  • Koozali / smeserver / SUSE
  • Solaris / Unux / BSD
  • Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint
  • Arch / Archbang / Gentoo
  • Fedora / Kubuntu / Xubuntu
  • Raspbian¬†/ Embedded Systems

Ubuntu Server & Desktop

Pre-configured Ubuntu server, desktop and thin client systems to suit your requirements. We offer drop-in Microsoft Server replacements and even migrate your existing Microsoft server or desktops and keep the applications you need.